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UCF is a boarding facility to those who are interested in eventing and pleasure riding. We do not have a lesson program with school horses at UCF, but will be more than happy to refer you to some stables in the area with wonderful riding programs and instructors. We can also recommend trainers that are available to come to UCF and work with you and your horse if boarded with UCF.  UCF boasts 168 acres, galloping track, mini-cross country course with Amoeba to Beg. Novice questions, a very well lit ring with M10/river sand footing, gorgeous trails, great pastures with shade in each, and a beautiful pond surrounded by a galloping track.   

Full boarders enjoy very large paddocks with plenty of grass, mineral blocks, fresh water, and plenty of room to stretch their legs.  (We would not be able to accomodate individual turnouts.)  We encourage as much turn out as possible as long as the pastures remain in good shape.  Full boarded horses are fed twice a day with either a Southern States sweet feed, Triple 10T, that has chelated minerals, 10 % fat, and 10% protein or a Southern States low carb pelleted feed, Legends Performance 12P, 12 % protein and 10% fat, which is fantastic for hard keepers or horses that need to add some weight.  Supplements that are provided by the owners will be given to each horse as needed.  We also feed a timothy/orchard, timothy/alfalfa mix or straight timothy hay.  The stalls are 12x12 or 12x10, matted, and has a fan for the hot weather months.  Come winter time, the horses are blanketed per owner's request, both for turnout and for when they are in their stalls.  

Pasture boarded horses are treated like full boarders with the exception of not having a stall.  They enjoy a large pasture with woods for their shaded areas, mineral blocks, and provided with plenty of fresh water.  They are also turned out into the cross country course for alternative grazing during the spring, summer and partially in the fall months.  Pasture boarded horses are fed a Southern States sweet feed with chelated vitamins, 10% fat and 10% protein, twice daily in ground feeders (note - they are not fed individually).  During the winter months (November - March), UCF supplements with round bales every other week to maintain the horses' weight.  Also, pasture boarded horses are sheeted/blanketed during periods of inclement weather.  *Note - we will only accept horses that will do well in a pasture boarding situation.  If your horse is a hard keeper and needs special attention, we will recommend our full board.   

UCF maintains the philosophy "we treat your horses like we would want our own to be treated".  We are not a typical commercial boarding facility.  UCF has an "open door" policy of management.  Any concerns or recommendations are welcomed and encouraged.    Our aim is to maintain a safe, laid back, and unpretentious atmosphere that is stress free for both horse and owner.  We also like to brag on our boarders via our facebook page and website!    

Boarders can opt to receive training/instruction from whomever they wish, as long as they carry a valid riding instructor's insurance certificate. UCF encourages continuing education in riding and horsemanship for everyone.     

If interested, we strongly encourage you to visit UCF, the barn, the paddocks, the trails, the galloping track, the riding ring, etc.  Also, we encourage you to ask and direct any questions you may have to Krissy or to any of our present boarders.  Please call to arrange a time to receive a tour of the facility to see if UCF would be a great fit for you and your horse.  :)  

If spots are full, please still contact Krissy to have her place you on UCF's waiting list...if something opens up..she will contact you a.s.a.p.!  Contact her at 678-469-4082 or at

Full Board $550/month FULL  (Thank you Lord for wonderful full boarders!)
Pasture Board $300/month  Two pasture board spots available!!!!

NO HARD KEEPERS OR CRIBBERS considered for Pasture Boarding. **Ex. Senior horses or OTTB's that have a hard time putting on and keeping on weight.**  Full board would be a better option for these horses to be fed individually so we can monitor and adjust feed as needed and provide supplements.



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